Its Vision: A digital lifestyle of elegance and intelligence that takeover the norm, a lifetime of forward trajectory and engaging facets, all in the dimension of “to, by, and for the customer” in an all-encompassing platform for a digital mall and more.

Its Mission: Create a vast virtual place where people begin conversations that end up with lasting impressions and time spent in the digital world, where smart buying habits are espoused, and genuine worthwhile products and services abound.

The Mall provides them the venue to sell their services without a physical set up. Riding on the Mall traffic, MSMEs will have the opportunity to shine.

Virtual Theaters, Movies on demand, pay per View, Art Exhibits, Sports and Wellness virtual activities, Seminars and Conferences, Fashion Shows, and brand or campaign driven activities, and other Events are staples that will attract people to the Mall.

Its Corporate Values:

People from all walks have feelings; GSP believes business must be sensitive to this truth.

Customer service is not just a concept, it is a clear-cut action!

Our business must be a source of delight, not just a source of income.

We solve problems by first defining it clearly.

We use technology to deliver smart products and services.

Creating and not copying is our tact.

We treat our employees as family.

When our customers are happy, we are happy.

Its Corporate Beliefs and Philosophies: Anchored on the adage “Life is what you make it,” GSP strongly holds on to the belief that happiness is a choice, and that authenticity and style give vibrance to life, amity, and inner joy.

GSP’s Corporate Value Propositions sprawl around foundational elements of efficiency and functionality of its magnanimous digital platform; maximizing the use of technology to deliver smarter products and services; offering a refreshing digital lifestyle a creative approach to online shopping desired by many, 24/7 outstanding customer service propelled by automation, and sheer responsiveness.