HTP Clothing started as a spur-of-the-moment online sale of pre-loved clothing by its founder and owner, Ricca Del Rosario, just to replace the ₱3,000 she lost after being robbed on that unlucky night in March 2014. All of the pre-loved clothing was sold out in less than a day, much to her astonishment – and that's when everything started. Ricca recognized this as a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and she's been running a Sunday night shopping marathon ever since. She felt strongly about what she was doing every time she witnessed the customers' enthusiasm over who would be the first to comment "mine" on every outfit. It was just what she needed, it's as though it was meant to be.

She subsequently moved on to offering hand-picked outfits from various local and foreign tiangges in order to provide her loyal clients with a diverse and unique clothing selection. However, she eventually discovered that outfits from tiangges may occasionally be bought at other stores. This is when she took a risk and decided to design HTP Clothing's original and exclusive pieces in order to set the business apart from the competition. Customers who directly expressed their own style and preferences with her sparked the start of this new era. The people that contributed to HTP Clothing are a significant part of what it has become today. Ricca made it clear that this was her driving motivation. HTP Clothing has developed and evolved from specializing in high-quality second-hand clothing to producing its own original designs that appeal to every Filipina, here and abroad.


Since then, HTP Clothing has focused on developing fashion pieces that are simple, practical, and, above all, fashionable. Original designs are offered in a variety of solid and neutral colors, as well as eye-catching patterns. The designs share a similar theme: clean lines, distinctive cuts, and fashion-forward features that help them stand out. The HTP Clothing catalogue is now bursting at the seams with various outfits and accessories that anybody may wear at anytime, anywhere.


The company has prioritized its consumers since day one. It maintains constant contact with its customers and shows them that they are valued by providing exceptional service. They have expanded significantly in recent years. And none of this would be possible without the company's dedicated and innovative personnel. HTP Clothing sees its workers as persons with emotions and goals that must be acknowledged. That is why their future and well-being are paramount in all they do, from planning to decision-making to execution. Their path in the fashion industry is guided by the compass of putting consumers and workers at the heart of the business. It creates a community of individuals who support each other in every step of the way.


HTP Clothing aspires to be a timeless clothing brand that takes a journey through decades of fashion trends. The brand envisions pieces of exceptional quality that will last for years, designs that are both classic and confident that will surely make a statement. Also, it has a reasonable price point that won't hurt your pockets. These elements work together to produce a formula that may fulfill the needs and expectations of women (and men) from various walks of life.


HTP is renowned for its high-quality items and excellent customer service since its early beginnings on Instagram. They create their own clothing and collaborate with local seamstresses to bring their visions to life. The brand is also a proudly Pinoy, and they are aiming to show the world the high quality of Filipino made clothing. HTP assures happiness of their consumers in all that they do. They also offer a unique shopping experience - with their new creations on Instagram on weekends. The proprietor, Ms. Ricca Cruz – del Rosario, a Globe myBusiness Ambassador, and together with her team, they have a treat for their customers using a point system that rewards them as they shop. They offer a mobile application for HTP Clothing where their customers can earn and spend points. These features, as well as others, distinguishes them from other online stores.

Their journey is an incredible one. They've grown from a one-woman operation to a group of more than 20 dedicated and capable employees, and they are constantly expanding.